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Social Network, Scam & Online Shopping

Now days, we have several choice for us to be connected to the society.

And the most popular is social networks:

But be careful guys, there are someone who are using the networks to take advantages from us.
There are limited things, that we can share.
The addition, personal issues might be used to take advantage toward us.
In the other hand, there are several issues, especially online shopping, the most populars discussed issue.
While online payment and security technology have come a long way, you still may experience problems with online shopping from time to time.
Plus, the common issue regarding the online shoppings are "We don't get what we ordered" and the orders never arrives.
In these cast, we have to be smart in order to make sure every decision made was right.
Before we made any purchases, we may discover the background of the company, or otherwise personal who made contact with us.
Thats why, some of the purchaser might prefer cash and carry to avoid any scam.
Plus, we might determine the condition of the item before we purchased especially for the second handed item.
Some of the item might be rarely to find especially for someone who considered the "originality".
They are preferred second handed original item rather than after market which is not original. 

There is new Online Shopping Agent which popular these days called Zalora.
I never tried, but my friend suggested if you would like to have something you may refer to Zalora.
For someone who did not have time to be spend for shopping, you may try this.

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