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The Things That I Likes To Do

Today I would like to share what i like to do most.

First, for sure playing snooker.
Even though I still an amateur, but i'm still keep trying to be better.
It is one of the 1st class games that I good at it.
Sometime, I spends some time playing with my brother.
Betting made we getting stronger.
That's snooker needs, no doubt.

Followed by Date.
What i always do with DQ only.
Because I'm such a loyal guy. ( Am I? )
So I only hang out and dating with her only besides my brothers.
Both of us are seriously "High Definition" of Jealous.
Even our friends noticed bout this.

Next I love Dota-ing.
Started playing since I was 18.
Seriously love this character,
Storm. Combo style. Pursue.
And my favorite mate Mr John.
Play with him make the game will be ours style.
Unless there was out of time.

LOL. That's all what running in my mind for now.
See you next season. 

Terima Kasih Kerana Membaca ! :)

My Beloved Girly Belated Birthday Celebration

Special Thx to :
1st of all, them who prepared all the dishes and props
~ Ms Hamimah
~ Mr Aqmal
~ Ms Fika
~ Mr Eric

And also who was also attended the party.
There are too many names that i couldn't listed all.
But Kasturian seriously you'all made me proud that night.
 16 person attended even though it was last minute invitation.

come catch some of photos that was captured,

Tired face from the crews

Me and Mr Kadam also other Kasturian

 Closing picture, tired face, & also Mr Eric the one who holding the guitar.

Next time if I have another chance, I would like to have a Private Party.
For now maybe Mr Kadam the best MC that I have.
See you next season.

Terima Kasih Kerana Membaca ! :)

I Love You Guitar

For sure most of teenagers especially guy love to play guitar,
Same as me either.
As I was started to play since i was 16 years old.
Starting with hang out with some Friends going out having some jamming.
Been friend with them made me interested to learn playing guitar and drum.
But for easier way to get involved, I learned to play guitar.
Starting by knowing cord (major and minor).
By the time i joined i was playing bass guitar for starting season.
Then after learning some basic of it,
I've started to play some extra rhythm, know some genre carry on with some difference cords.
For Bass, to 2nd guitar, and for sure i wanted to play lead guitar.

And those who I'm really admire of :

Synyster Gates ( Avenged Sevenfold )

Starting with 
~ Unholy confession
~ Chapter 4
~ Bat Country
~ Beast and The Harlot
~ Dear God
~ Gunslinger
~ Scream

Kirk Hammett ( Metallica )

~ Enter Sandman
~ Nothing Else Matter
~ Master of Puppet

Frank Iero ( My Chemical Romance )

~ I Don't Love You
~ Famous Last Word
~ Mama

I wishes that i could be someone like them someday.
Playing my song and be noticed as good as them.

1 of picture that had "print screen" from the recorded video in 2008.
Wearing school uniform and practiced at Bangi, Selangor.

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W## 314#

Wira 1.5 GLi

Ini satu-satu nyer harta yang saya ade.
Even byk kekurangan pada nyer tp syg xpena berubah.
DQ mmg mara lau klua dwet tok kereta.
So agak tergantung usaha untuk kereta nie.
Bak kate DQ kumpul duet kawen lg penting. :)

BTW, I love you My Car Sweet Car . <3

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Smart People do a smart trick

Rahsia Kejayaan

Ingin kan Kenaikan Gaji @ Pelantikan / Kenaikan Pangkat (promotion) dgn mudah

Pertama, mula kan dengan leteran gaji yang rendah
& perbelanjaan yg tinggi
(tidak dpt menanggung kehidupan seharian)

Kedua, langkah kemas dgn melakukan permohonan betertib
untuk memohon kenaikan gaji.

Jika masih tidak berjaya,

Letak kan surat perletakan jawatan bernotis (resign letter)
Nescaya anda akan menerima
kenaikan pangkat,
Kenaikan gaji berkuat kuasa serta merta

Dan ini berlaku disini..
Would you like to experience this sensation moment,
come and visit me (where the hell is at Mallaca) .

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Release some stress at Pantai Klebang

Luangkan mase menghirup udara segar di Pantai Klebang.
Inilah wajah-wajah org yg penat bekerja dan tensen belajar.
Kebetolan skunk aku pon da pindah ddk kt Cheng,
so senang la ak na g jln2 area sinie.
2 pon kne tunggu datin sorg nie free.
lau x terperok je kt uma. Haha

 Okey la, lepak sinie pon dapat tgk org maen layang2,
even ak xmaen, hehe, (sbb DQ kate membazir je bli)
Ade skali 2 dpt gak ak tgk org br naek menjala.
Ade la ikan dorg, even xde la besa mne pon,
besh gak ak tgk dorg

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