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I Love You Guitar

For sure most of teenagers especially guy love to play guitar,
Same as me either.
As I was started to play since i was 16 years old.
Starting with hang out with some Friends going out having some jamming.
Been friend with them made me interested to learn playing guitar and drum.
But for easier way to get involved, I learned to play guitar.
Starting by knowing cord (major and minor).
By the time i joined i was playing bass guitar for starting season.
Then after learning some basic of it,
I've started to play some extra rhythm, know some genre carry on with some difference cords.
For Bass, to 2nd guitar, and for sure i wanted to play lead guitar.

And those who I'm really admire of :

Synyster Gates ( Avenged Sevenfold )

Starting with 
~ Unholy confession
~ Chapter 4
~ Bat Country
~ Beast and The Harlot
~ Dear God
~ Gunslinger
~ Scream

Kirk Hammett ( Metallica )

~ Enter Sandman
~ Nothing Else Matter
~ Master of Puppet

Frank Iero ( My Chemical Romance )

~ I Don't Love You
~ Famous Last Word
~ Mama

I wishes that i could be someone like them someday.
Playing my song and be noticed as good as them.

1 of picture that had "print screen" from the recorded video in 2008.
Wearing school uniform and practiced at Bangi, Selangor.

Terima Kasih Kerana Membaca ! :)


  1. untunglah practice at bangi ;p

  2. hehe...hbs da sek pon dekat situ je syg...
    ponteng klas bio g jamming kat bangi la.hehe

  3. ouhhhhhhhhh ponteng kelassssssssssss ye

  4. hehe..dulu2 sgt bosan..zzz

  5. sekarang tak nak pon mainkan gitar untuk i


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