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My Beloved Girly Belated Birthday Celebration

Special Thx to :
1st of all, them who prepared all the dishes and props
~ Ms Hamimah
~ Mr Aqmal
~ Ms Fika
~ Mr Eric

And also who was also attended the party.
There are too many names that i couldn't listed all.
But Kasturian seriously you'all made me proud that night.
 16 person attended even though it was last minute invitation.

come catch some of photos that was captured,

Tired face from the crews

Me and Mr Kadam also other Kasturian

 Closing picture, tired face, & also Mr Eric the one who holding the guitar.

Next time if I have another chance, I would like to have a Private Party.
For now maybe Mr Kadam the best MC that I have.
See you next season.

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