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The Things That I Likes To Do

Today I would like to share what i like to do most.

First, for sure playing snooker.
Even though I still an amateur, but i'm still keep trying to be better.
It is one of the 1st class games that I good at it.
Sometime, I spends some time playing with my brother.
Betting made we getting stronger.
That's snooker needs, no doubt.

Followed by Date.
What i always do with DQ only.
Because I'm such a loyal guy. ( Am I? )
So I only hang out and dating with her only besides my brothers.
Both of us are seriously "High Definition" of Jealous.
Even our friends noticed bout this.

Next I love Dota-ing.
Started playing since I was 18.
Seriously love this character,
Storm. Combo style. Pursue.
And my favorite mate Mr John.
Play with him make the game will be ours style.
Unless there was out of time.

LOL. That's all what running in my mind for now.
See you next season. 

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