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I Love You

three simple words give thousand meanings;
I Love You.

It describe happiness, laughs, joy and moments.
Some say the happiness moment in you life is when you are fall in love.
It may not only happiness, but also describe sadness, depress and stress.
Like it or not, there will be good and bad in it.
No matter how positive you are, soon or later, you may experience the moment.
That is what we call life.
It is nature for a human to fall in love, man and woman.
To share their life, feelings, pain and everything with their partner.
"there should be no wall between us, no one, just you and me"

A friend of mine told me, there are many ways of love could be started;
1. Love on the first sight.
2. Love on the first fight.
3. A friend to be a love one.
4. first hate then love.
5. annoyed on the first place, but never give up made him/her to be loved.

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