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2014 Targets

Herewith the target I would like to achieve this year:
(A copy from Facebook status which has been posted on 30th December 2013)

After spending 7 days of planning my 2014 targets, herewith i am stating the result:
1. Displine on workout routine.
2. Saving reached 3k++
3. Tv, ps to be assigned in the room.
4. Avoid any stressing moments.
5. New car/modify the existing wira/motorcycle
6. Spend less save more.
7. Salary reached #k.
8. Improve self confident & attire.
9. Religious.
10. Family gathering.

And here is the progress at this moment 15th February 2014:
1. Not too disciplined as time much spent to else where but still diet is still on.
2. Not at this moment. Haha. (Banyak da korek tabung, kering boh)
3. Just have it on January but taken by my mom. :'(
4. At this moment, avoiding the stressing moment is well accomplished.
5. New Car. (too early). Spend on car. Always.
6. Sorry But I'm not pretty good in this matter.
7. Failed. Just 1.#k only.
8. Pretty much, depend on mood itself.
9. Alhamdulillah.
10. Next month yo, 22nd March 2014, Swiss Garden, Lumut. Insyaallah.

Terima Kasih Kerana Membaca ! :)

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