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Letters Of Inspiration

Today I would like to share a letter which i have read and realised it was very interesting. It was a letter wrote by Ms. Noor Wazwaz, an Arab American writer and journalist to my beloved actor, Mr. Tyrese Gibson.You may read the letter below which I am considering it was very inspiring to our society and religious.

To Whom It May Concern:

First I would like to take the time to thank Tyrese for his touching and truthful video message he has uploaded on Facebook in regards to the Middle East and people from the Middle East. As an Arab American myself, I truly appreciate it and it brings me such joy and hope that there are people that CHOOSE to go and spend time in the Middle East to really get to know my people and my culture- rather than just sit and listen whatever they see on the news.

My name is Noor Wazwaz and I am an aspiring news anchor. I aspire to be the first Muslim hijab-wearing news anchor on American television. For years I have been discriminated against because I am Arab, and because I am Muslim. For years, I was studying to become something I absolutley hated. I graduated with my degree in Psychology and was planning to purse a career in the medical field. Towards the end of my last semester in my undergraduate career, I decided I am going to follow my dream and become a journalist.

I recently shadowed Stacey Baca, news anchor and reporter from ABC 7 Chicago. I took a picture sitting at the news desk with a caption stating my dream to the world. Within days, my picture had gone viral and I created my own Facebook page (link is at the bottom of the email). I have recieved so much positive feedback and support from people all over the world. I am overwhelmed by how much people that don't know me, believe in me and in my dream.

I am currently working on a documentary to shed light on this topic of racism and bigotry in the United States. Many people are fooled in thinking that since now we have an African American president, racism no longer exists. I definitley disagree with this when I was discriminated against 3 weeks ago because I wear hijab. An older genetleman had told me to "take that thing off" as I was buying Christmas cards for my co-workers. I am aiming to show people the TRUTH about my culture and my people that the media fails to show.
I am humbled to say that I was gievn opportunities to interview Arab Idol winner, Mohammad Assaf, as well as Arab Idol contestant, Ziad Khoury. I also interviewed Syrian singer, Yahya Hawa, and Sweden artist, Maher Zain.

I am writing to ask you if it would be possible to take some time to interview you, Tyrese. It would be an honor and I am willing to take any time you give me whether it be on the phone or skype, or even in person (as I would love that but understand how busy you are). I sincerely hope you took the time to read this e-mail and I hope that you take some time to reply.

Thank you again so much for your time,

Noor Wazwaz


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