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The Priority

As in our life, there are something which we are considering Very Important, Important and Less.
Everyone has set different thing of the priority in their life.
Some of us may prefer work than couple.
Meanwhile others may prefer Family than everything.
Without doubt, Family may be the first priority for everyone,
but It may not be "everyone" as maybe someone else which have black history,
which considering family is their enemy.
There are many things happen in this world and sometimes not even be caught in our mind.

Here I would share about the priorities in my life:
1. For sure, for all things happen, I may considering Family as my 1st Priority.
2. Work and Profession as nowadays, we unable to afford for jobless.
3. My only precious property, the one and only. My Car.
4. Friends and colleagues, We do not need many. Enough with who can be trusted.

Annual Dinner Staff Party 2013 - The Revenue Management Department

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