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Now days, money have been nearly to Everything.
From the needs to the desires,
everything with the tag price.
Even though, to achieve a dream you might need money to complete the task.

As we are struggling to improve our Income,
to overcome the the price hikes, it won't take a month but more than a year
which is subject to employer discretion.

If we are waiting for the yearly increment,
it was maximum of Rm100.00nett only which is depend on the company itself.
Otherwise, the alternative way, it getting a promotion,
If the offer of the vacant job is not being blocked.

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  1. droppin by here, nice blog
    itulah ironi kehidupan

  2. nowaday moneyyyy is everything...

    1. Everything have price. without notice money become our priority of living. It is either jobless or job which is pay less than the living cost. You have no choice as the job offers are limited.


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